Monday, June 18, 2012

Hello !! Remember me.

My, my just look at the mess in here. Please give me a couple of mins to clear the dust and cobwebs.

Well as you can see this is my first post in nearly 2 years, so where have i been, well nowhere really, work interfeered a bit, was working split shifts so it was pretty awkward, but now i'm a nightporter for 2-3 nights a week so will hopefully be here a bit more often, not that i get many visitors anyway but hey it gives me something to do at night.
So what's new in the life of Markybee ? I hear you ask, well not a lot really. I still take photos, although i have upgraded my Canon 400D to a 60D (still trying to get to grips with it nearly 6 months on though lol). I still work at the same hotel here in Torquay but my job roll has changed where i used to work solely in the Brasserie restaurant, i now work as nightporter (thats me to the right) a couple of nights a week and 2 or 3 days a week as a GDB basically wherever i am needed.

The one main change is a new hobby, in January this year my big bro Dave introduced me to the delights of Geocaching (or "Searching for Tuperware", as my brothers partner Ania calls it). So what is Geocaching?, you cry as one. Well its a form of treasure hunting using GPS coordinates (check out for more info), a bit like letterboxing, whereby a member will place a geocache somewhere then upload the coordinates with a brief description to a geocaching website, such as the afore mentioned one then other "players" go out to search for it. They can be placed almost anywhere (as long as we get permission) either in the countryside such as Dartmoor or in towns. The pic on the left is of me with my first ever geocache find at Shilley Pool on the edge of Dartmoor, i now have 284 finds to my name and have placed about 18 hides, plus about 11 that I "adopted".
The fun has seen me visiting some of the remote areas of Dartmoor as well as discovering parts of towns where i live that i never new existed, I've climbed trees, scrambled down banks and even waded across streams to search for caches, which can vary in size from a nano (a container about 10mm long) up to ammo boxes, and even bigger. Some are easy to find, where-as others are cleverly hidden, like the pic on the right this is one of my hides in Torquay. Others are a bit craftier either being a conventional container (35mm film pot or clip-lock boxes) that has been disguised or are costructed by the "owner", below are 2 examples of disguised containers that i have placed, sadly the duck went missing and i had to replace it with a smaller one.

Others that i have come across have included a snake made from plastic drain pipes, blocks of wood cut in half then hollowed out, stones with containers hidden in them and even a plstic moulded fungus. So half of the fun and sometimes frustration is not knowing what you are going to find when you turn up at the GZ (ground zero or hide area).
Another advantage of geocaching is the exercise i get, although the ale drinking keeps me the shape i am, lol, i have lost some weight due to geocaching. When out on a full days caching i could walk anything from 5 to 10 plus miles over alsorts of terrain. But the biggest bonus is some of the views i have seen that had i not been there looking for a cache i probably wouldnt have gone there. Here's a selection of the views i've seen.

I'll create a gallery at some point with more views and other photos, feel free to post comments.

Wednesday, August 25, 2010

Website Gallery Test

If you have arrived here via my website, thankyou for taking the time 1, to visit my site and 2, coming here to leave your oppinion. If you havent then please visit to see what this posting is about.
All constructive critism will be greatly appreciated and any suggestions will be taken on board and looked into, please remember it is only the gallery styles i am trying out not the page layout, i already know that looks a bit naff.
Use the comment link below to leave your comments, once again i thank-you all in advance.

Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Room move

Well i haven't posted for a week or so that's because of work and moving. Yes i have just undertaken what is reputed to me the most stressful events we will undergo. Thankfully my move was only changing my staff accomodation room where i work. Mind you it amazing how much stuff you acquire over the years, the pic on the right is the room i have moved from, this was after i had moved my belongings out, as you can see it wasn't very big. The room i've moved into is larger but as you can see below i have still got a lot of sorting to do.
Well i started this post about seven o'clock this evening after having spent most of the day moving the final few belongings of mine from my old room, then giving it a tidy and a quick touch up with paint, i then spent until about nine thirty sorting the mess you can see to the left so that i could at least get into bed tonight. By nine thirty i'd had enough so decided to pop down to the shop an get a couple of well deserved bottles of beer.
There was however a couple of casualties to my room move because i was so caught up in finishing off tidying and moving from the old room, something i was hoping to finish by about three, i missed three birthday's my sister Miranda's, my niece Kirsty and my nephew Troy's i was hoping to pop up and see at least my sister and niece this afternoon/evening, but alas moving room took longer than i expected to all three of them i owe a big apology, i will try and catch up with you over the next few days. In the mean time now that my bed is cleared i'm goin sleep.

Monday, March 15, 2010

Well the embaressment wasn't as bad expected, yet. Maybe I'll dig out some more sometime.
In the meantime I'm sitting at my sisters re-aquainting myself with my niece who i haven't seen since she was a little toddler, her mum (my sister) and her dad seperated and the girls went with their dad. Now they have moved back to live with mum. The older girl moved down at the end of last summer and the younger one moved down a few weeks ago. Today is the first time I have seen her in nearly 11years, she has changed a lot in that time, when i last saw her she was a chubby little toddler now shes a tall slim teenager.
Oooppss somebody forgot to take their powerlead with them, guess who's battery then went
Anyway I'm back home again now and plugged into the power. This evening was great seeing my niece again after so long was fantastic.
Well I'm off to bed, goodnight all

Thursday, March 11, 2010

Keeping a promise

OK Here's a warning to you all, be careful what promises you make. I recently made a promise that I would post some photos from my past here. So after trolling through some boxes I found my box of photo's, unfortunately some of them are a bit embarrassing but hey a promise is a promise.

All of these photo's are scanned and as my scanner isn't very good the quality is a bit poor so I will apologise in advance.

Sadly I don't have anything from my youth (under 18) so this is the earliest photo of me that I have, I'm about 19 or 20, the silly hat is because I was working on the cruise boats on Torquay harbour.

This next picture also dates from my years working on the boats, I think it's about 1993 or '94, I would be about 25 and working on a boat called the Pride of the Dart, doing the River Dart cruise from Torquay, oh those happy sunny days, aahhhh.....................................

Anyway moving on down the road of embarrassment.
Those of you tunning in that know me know I'm a country music fan so here's a selection of photo's from the good ole country club of Torquay  The Blazing Saddles CWC (previously know as Rosie O'Grady's CWC, sadly this particular club is no longer running),

Yes I did do linedancing, and was pretty good at it too, though I don't know about now.

I had the shirt and hat, and also played cowboys and indians, though this particular squaw was my ex-girlfriends aunt. These photo's are all from my mid to late twenties.
As I moved into my thirties I split with my ex and moved from Teignmouth back to Torquay getting a job at the Cavendish Hotel, where I worked for about 5 very enjoyable years. Serving behind the bar and occasionally joining in with one of our weekly entertainers.
Some of the most memorable experiences were the new years eve parties, where staff as well as guests dressed up, and here comes what are probably the most embarrassing photo's of me around. The first is from 2001 when myself, the owners son James, one of his cousins Ed and Matt a friend of his decided to dress as the Village People and perform the dance to YMCA for the guests, none of us knew the exact moves but it went down a storm. From left to right you have James, myself, Matt and Ed.
As if that isn't embarrassing enough here's a couple of pictures from the Millenium party you have James dressed as, well I'm not sure Richard his cousin (who incidently was the dj dressed as Bob Marley above) dressed as Rudolf Nureyev and yes thats me as Tina Turner.

Well now that I've embarrassed myself to a point where i think I might need to hide I'm going to go bed I hope you enjoy my embarrassment. Goodnight to you all.
P.S. Just in case you are wondering no i wasn't actually singing to Tina Turner just miming though that picture is as a result of being set up by the boss.

Saturday, March 6, 2010


Well apologies to anyone who has been trying to follow this blog, for the lack of activity but i have been busy with work and my other blog , however keep tuning in because over the next few days i'm thinking of posting a few pics from my past and some words of poetry. So please call back soon.

Monday, February 15, 2010

Long day and a night off

Well hello any followers that have found your way here, I haven't posted anything for about a week so you'd think i would have a lot to say, but alas i haven't. My last week has been not much more than work and sleep, with a little bit of alcohol slipped in for good measure.
After sorting out my problem with windows 7, and visiting my sister Tuesday evening i decided to venture round a few pubs in town. The rest of the week has been spent working and sleeping, until last night when i decided to go out for a few beers, sadly due to an early start this morning i had to take it easy. I started off at the Clocktower where i was expecting to enjoy a pint of London Pride, but was pleasantly surprised to find out that they are now selling a second real ale, whether it will be the same ale all the time or will change i'm not sure, but yesturday's offering was St. Austel breweries Tribute, three pints of which went down extremely well whilst watching the last 20 or 30 mins of the rugby and the second half of the Crystal Palace v Aston Villa fa cup match. From there i walked up through town to Camelot, a local restaurant, where i tucked into a succulent sirloin steak. To wash it down i would of loved to have had a pint of ale but had to settle for a pint of John Smiths smoothflow.
After finishing off my steak i ventured two doors up to the Blue Cargo for a pint of Bombadier, but was slightly disapointed to find that they no longer sell it, i say slightly disapointed because they have changed and are now selling Dartmoor Breweries Best Bitter, not the best beer from this great little Devon brewery, my favourate being Jail Ale, but this offering went down as well as could be expected. I ended the night at the Green Ginger with a friend and a couple of pints of Skinners Figgy Brew, as you'd expect from a combination of a JDW bar and a Skinners Ale.
And so to the "Long day and a night off", i started work this morning at 8am until 1pm and then spent about 3 1/2 hours doing a fire awareness course, which i found very informative and enthralling (yawn), so at about 4.45 i clocked out, ready to enjoy a night off which i'm spending watching tv and typing this post. And there it is we are now up to date.